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If you don’t know what the word 'clunge' means then it’s probably best we keep the full explanation to ourselves! Let’s just say it is as filthy as it sounds and if you’ve ever heard of any derogatory words for ladies, then this is probably up there with the best of them!

It is also a frequent phrase used by our favourite boys Simon, Jay, Will and Neil in the hit E4 show The Inbetweeners and is somewhat of a catchphrase for the ever respectful Jay. If you haven’t seen the show, it follows the life of Will, who moves from his private school to Rudge Park Comprehensive after his parents separate. His trouble making friends doesn’t last long as he soon meets three other misfits who reluctantly take him under their wing.

Each character has a very different personality but all are not quite cool but not quite geeks (the lowest social denominator) hence the term The Inbetweeners. Simon Cooper (Joe Thomas) is slightly less derogatory than the others and is looking for love. Will McKenzie (Simon Bird) doesn’t want to be a ‘geek’ but nevertheless behaves like one in their eyes and is extremely clever.

Jay Cartwright (James Buckley) is a compulsive liar who seems to have it all together, but is really looking for acceptance from his friends. Neil is…well he’s Neil. Neil Sutherland (Blake Harrison) is very naïve and often oblivious but can often surprise those around him by being more observant than people think he is.

The show is primarily known for its schoolboy humour (despite the adult actors playing the roles) and has spurned many catchphrases as the boys go on a quest to lose their virginity. One of these catchphrases is 'clunge' used mainly by Jay to describe the girls they think they can (but definitely won’t) sleep with. As the boys find it increasingly hard to fit in amongst their peers, they bond with each other and form a strong friendship which is often the heart of the show.

Kind of like American Pie for British people, it gained a cult following on E4 which then expanded to the masses winning a series of awards including the BAFTA for the YouTube audience award and the British Comedy Award for Outstanding Achievement. It was then broadcast in 17 other countries including the US and Australia further cementing the shows place in comedy. A US remake has been commissioned and is to be screened on MTV.

It has since spawned a film of the same name, which was eagerly awaited by fans and was a huge box office success. The Inbetweeners Movie followed the four boys to Malia where they discover they might just be cool (but aren’t). The Inbetweeners Movie was positively received, with praise given to the cast for their performances. There have been rumours of a sequel since, but nothing has been confirmed to date (March 2012).

Read on for more info about The Inbetweeners including popular catchphrases used, more information about the hit E4 show and The Inbetweeners Movie synopsis!